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Logistics and warehouses

One of the advantages of the 'Kronstadt' company is its own logistics department, which provides complex follow-up support to the foreign economic activity. Our logistics specialists control every stage of the foreign economic activity: execution of the agreements, forwarding, developing optimal delivery schemes, customs processing, global and domestic transportations. 

Kronstadt’s warehouse complexes in Germany (Rostock, Kiel), Finland (Lappenranta) and Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow) are used as "jumping-off places" for cargo delivery to Customer. Multi-branch dealer system in Russia and own warehouses make it possible to cooperate with the manufacturers directly, thus minimizing delivery time and ensuring completeness of the equipment supplied. 

Kronstadt Ltd. offers the following logistics services: 
· cargo safe custody; 
· all types of cargo handling operations; 
· unroofed storage or warehouse of temporary storage for the cargo; 
· automotive transport in customs controlled area. 

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