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Screw and gear type pumps supplied to Magnitogorsk iron and steel works


The pumping equipment will operate as part of process loops of wide-profile section rolling mills 370 and 450 at the long product shop of the factory. These mills are key product lines of Magnitogorsk iron and steel works PJSC, which make possible to produce wide range of high-quality metal items to comply with Russian and foreign standards. The 370 mill shapes reinforcing, circle, square, and hex bars, up to 585'000 tons annually, while the 450 mill rolls stripes, L- and I-beams, and outputs of up to 790'000 tons of metal products a year.

Naturally, such actively used machines commissioned in 2006 require scheduled maintenance and timely replacement of wearing components.

Specialists of Kronstadt's industrial department carefully picked necessary pumping equipment by SEIM and Maag against inquiry from the Magnitogorsk factory.

Gear pumps Maag hydrolub 36/36 with a capacity of 25.7 m3/h are perfect choice to be used in the HXP lubrication system of both 450 and 370 rolling mills.

Screw-type pumps SEIM XF 072, in their turn, will ensure stable circulation in the hydraulic system of the 370 mill.

Kronstadt is always ready to offer broad selection of pumps for operation at metal, oil&gas or other industrial plants. Our specialists will gladly take up all the required work steps - from choosing and designing the equipment to installation supervision and commissioning of it at the factory site.

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