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Offshore oil platform to get a new wastewater treatment system


A batch of water treatment equipment made by BIOCON has been delivered to a warehouse in Murmansk. The equipment is to be installed in the wastewater discharge system of the offshore ice-resistant fixed platform.

The supply of this automatic modular wastewater treatment unit has been carried out by specialists of Kronstadt Engineering Company.

In course of scheduled replacement of the wastewater treatment system, the new unit will allow increasing the system capacity from 56 to 120 m3/h.

Kronstadt Engineering Company specialist have ensured the project was designed in accordance with the given dimensions and equipment accessibility requirements for maintenance and repair purposes.

The unit is equipped with all the necessary instruments and controls and has alarm and emergency shutdown functionality upon reaching the set limit values.

BIOCON wastewater treatment systems are compact, easy to operate and maintain. They are fully automatic and come assembled as a single unit.

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