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Northern Sea Route


Northern Sea Route.

In Spring 2021 400-meter containership Ever Given in full swing broke into international news feed, firmly occupied upper lines of news sites, private blogs, telegram channels and other media-platforms.

And when leading international financial agencies competed in estimation of losses, caused to global economy by this forced weekly downtime, and bloggers exponentially multiplied mems, dedicated to such an awkward mooring at the shore of Suez Canal, professional players of cargo transportation market  gave serious thought to ways of protecting  their assets from such unplanned “surprises”.

Sum of 230 billion dollars of losses (by estimate of Allianz insurance) will make anyone consider plan «B» or alternative cargo delivery route, the more so as there is such route and Russian shipbuilders actively develop technological base for its use.

In 2020 there was a series of spring test voyages performed for ultra-early pilotage of LNG vessels eastwards through NSR. At the Community Council of NSR a decision was made to increase navigation period as well. Strategic goal —is to use NSR all year round.

Northern Sea Rout can become not only a strong segment, balancing global economy, but also a factor, providing conditions for healthy competition of carriers. At a minimum, in the shortest possible time ship owners should consider putting ice-class vessels into the shipbuilding list, not to find themselves at the rear of this perspective caravan.

It is to our interest to provide soonest launching of Russian Ice-breaking fleet at full strength to ensure all year round navigation along the NSR, and every company, taking part in building of modern Russian nuclear and diesel-electric icebreakers, takes all possible efforts.

Let us wish good luck to Russian shipbuilders, the more so because global state of business quite clearly hinted to all global community that we are on the right track!

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