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In August 2017, Kronstadt Engineering Company completed the supply of 23 port fenders for OJSC "Commercial sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky".

The passenger ship terminal building in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky has been closed since 1993, no cruise ships have been visiting for more than 25 years. To arrive in the town, ships with tonnage from 1'500 - 2'000 t had to anchor at the Avacha bay as they weren't able to moor to the piers. The customs checked cargo right onboard, and passengers were taken onshore by boats. It goes without saying that increase of the tourist flow was simply impossible in such conditions.

This type of fenders is mostly used for safe vessel-to-vessel mooring due to its simple moving and installation

The federal program for social and economic development of the Far East region allowed for construction of a new, 8'000 sq. m, passenger ship terminal as well as for repair of mooring facilities.

The pneumatic fenders 2'500 x 4'000 supplied by Kronstadt were designed for installation on the moors no. 11 - 14 during renovation.

This type of fenders is mostly used for safe vessel-to-vessel mooring due to its simple moving and installation. However in this case, designers and engineers decided it would be practical to use pneumatic fenders for mooring of cruise ships to the piers.

Alexander Osaulienko, director of the Turpomoshch association, comments: "Network of mooring piers is a serious motivation for increasing the number of vessels. After reconstruction of mooring piers in Vladivostok, cruise business started booming again. At Kamchatka, we didn't even have the minimum for cruise ships, there were only some tourism enthusiasts."

Now, the mooring piers at Kamchatka sea port can take ships with as many as 2'500 passengers, which is a good level for the region, promising to make the tourist flow at least two times bigger in the nearest future.

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