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Even remotely let us stand together!


Dear colleagues and partners!

As many other companies today, Kronstadt is consolidating all its operating reserves to react to the quickly changing situation in a timely manner.

We are absolutely convinced we have enough power, margin, and competence to overcome the crisis without any damage to our current projects and to provide a steady ground for implementation of future plans and ideas.

For the period of forced isolation, our staff will have all necessary means to continue their work remotely, interact with their business partners, monitor and fully control the supply processes, and carry out due transactions.

We want everybody to keep their head and use this temporary slowdown of the market activities as an opportunity for thorough analysis of their current position and search of new directions to develop their business.

Keep safe and even remotely let us stand together!


Kronstadt team and its CEO, Andrey Zarafyants


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+7 (812) 441-29-99
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Kronstadt Company
+7 (812) 441-29-99

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