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Pumping equipment supplied for crab-boat project 3070


Kronstadt Engineering Company specialists completed a supply of shipboard equipment to Pella shipyard. The equipment was designed for engineering systems of a ship under the project 3070, keel-laid earlier in March this year.

Project 3070 is a fishing boat designed for ground angling of crabs with cone traps. Sorted crabs will be transported in special isolated tanks of high capacity, which will be filled with seawater through the pumping equipment supplied by our company.

Project 3070 is a fishing boat designed for ground angling of crabs with cone traps

Total deadweight tonnage of the ship is 1'835 at length of 50.5 m and width of 12 m. Designed draught is 6.6 m. With staff of 30 people, the vessel will have cruising capacity of 30 days at travel of 6'000 miles.

Stock-list of the equipment supplied by Kronstadt for this project includes:

  • Capacitive electric heater for hot water supply system with additional heating coil from HT circuit of the main engine.
  • Ballast drain pump, centrifugal horizontal self-priming type.
  • Deep seawater lift pump, centrifugal vertical non-self-priming type.
  • Main fire pump, centrifugal vertical non-self-priming type.
  • UV water disinfection unit.
  • Deep water supply ejectors.
  • Fuel and oil transfer pumps, gear type.
  • Other equipment.

The pumping equipment supplied is mostly manufactured by a long-time business partner of our company - DESMI A/S. The supply included SA-series shipboard centrifugal pumps and GP-series gear pumps.

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