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Kronstadt company: 17 years in the sea of business


Today, international company Kronstadt, a part of KRONDE group of companies, has a very strong position on the market of advanced shipboard, port, and general industrial equipment supplies. The company works with the world's leading manufacturers and has its own representative offices in the USA (Kron Energy), Germany (KRONSTADT), and China (Kron-Well). These offices enable Kronstadt to implement newest industrial solutions and practices on a regular basis. The leading division of Kronstadt is its marine department, which used to be the only unit within the company back in its earliest days.

The story of the marine department dates back to 1994, when first companies of today's KRONDE group were established. One of them was the KRONSTADT company, with its base in the ancient port city of Hamburg. It started cooperating with the leading European manufacturers of marine equipment, supplying it to the Russian market. That time, after collapse of the Soviet Union, the condition of the Russian shipbuilding industry was terrible. After 4 years of hard work with shipbuilders of Russia, it became clear to company's specialists that the field badly needed modernization and supplies of new and advanced equipment, but at that moment, it was produced only in Europe. It was then the top managers of the group established a new company in Saint Petersburg, the marine capital of Russia, with aim at cooperation with the shipbuilders. This is where the story of Kronstadt LLC began, and such a "sea-related" name of the company still motivates it to move further keeping its image impeccable.

Nowadays, when Kronstadt LLC has already gained more than 17 years of experience in the field of shipboard equipment supplies and has built close partnership with a number of shipbuilders and shipyards, as well as with leaders in sea engineering, the company's profile is diverse. The company no longer sees itself as a simple agent. The function of a supplier is still in place, but these days Kronstadt carries out complex work: from clarification and arranging technical inquiries, selecting appropriate equipment, developing specifications, and reviewing the documents for compliance with Russian standards to the immediate shipment and mounting the equipment. The supply itself is only a final touch. Thanks to strong relationship with Maritime and River Registers, the company along with its foreign partners is able to solve practically all issues connected with equipment certification in Russia. Moreover, Kronstadt LLC provides post-supply warranties, installation supervision and commissioning services, and supply of spare parts and accessories during the life cycle of the equipment offered.

Ivan Beloturov, CEO of Kronstadt LLC, comments:
We feel really proud and professionally satisfied about our work in the sphere of shipboard equipment supplies. Our goal is to contribute to the modernization of Russian marine industry, bringing it to a new level of efficiency and competitive performance on the global market.

Improving our list of supplied products, the company selects the most advanced, modern, and reliable equipment only, which is suitable for production conditions of Russian factories. Having our own representative offices in the US, Germany, and China allows us to keep up with the latest world trends concerning technological development and to offer our clients the best equipment in each segment.»

These advantages of the company's marine department help it to carry out a large number of big projects, including those of national importance. For example, the company is actively involved in the process of Arctic exploration and development, which is crucial for Russian state safety and economic growth. Kronstadt LLC has completed the projects of supplying equipment for construction of arctic tankers named "Kirill Lavrov" and "Mikhail Ulyanov". The company has also supplied large amount of shipboard equipment for two ice-breakers with power of 25 and 18 MW, which are constructed by Baltic and Vyborg shipyards correspondingly. Every piece of the supplied equipment was duly appreciated by the end customers.

Another pressing matter for Russia is marine ecology, as national industry affects the environment in many ways. Kronstadt LLC is aware of its responsibility for national ecology and tends to assist plants and factories in getting high quality ecological equipment. An example of this is the company's partnership with ballast water treatment systems manufacturer Panasia, Korea. Their equipment complies with the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments and has type examination certificate issued by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Also, Kronstadt helps to solve problems of oil pollution from ships by offering oily water separators manufactured by Victor Marine (Great Britain). Other examples include RMRS-certified sewage water treatment systems BIOCON, produced by Techni S.A. (Greece), equipment for oil spill response, and many more. It is clear that with supplies of high quality ecological equipment Kronstadt LLC not only supports, but also successfully embodies the original concept of ecological engineering in Russia.

Another focus area for the marine department, with a lot of tension around these days, is taking part in the great state project of import substitution. Despite the fact that Kronstadt has no intensions of giving up on its status of premium-quality equipment supplier from the world's leading manufacturers, the company can see its place in the import phase-out process. Currently, specialists of the department are working out the possibility of suggesting their Russian customers the equipment under company's own brand, co-manufactured with its foreign partners. In result, clients will receive Russian equipment complying with all the necessary standards and having maintenance support, along with European level of quality.

In addition to work, directly connected with marine and port industry, Kronstadt LLC dynamically moves forward in the field of social responsibility. Today, the company supports best students in industry-specific universities of Saint Petersburg by paying personal studentships. One of such educational facilities is Saint Petersburg State Marine Technological University, partner of Kronstadt LLC since 2013. According to company's top management, the shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry is experiencing staff scarcity, and financial support of the best student in specific universities really is an effective solution. Specialists of the marine department organize a contest to shortlist Kronstadt studentship holders.

The work done by the marine department of Kronstadt is hard and involves many different activities. And to do it right, our specialists use all their versatile skills and experience, brilliant level of proficiency, and perfectly built teamwork.

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