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A batch of specially-coated flanges supplied to Karabashmed


Specialists of Kronstadt's industrial department dispatched first series of components for installation of bellow-type expansion joints by Ditec to be used in sulfuric gas ducts being part of cleaning shops at the Karabash copper-smelting plant.

The batch includes 40 flanges with a diameter of 1'400 mm and fastening kits for them.

In full compliance with the customer's specification, the expansion joint flanges have special protective coating, as the operating conditions are harsh due to aggressive gas environment.

Metal flanges are usually protected from corrosion by galvanizing. This approach here, however, would not do, as zinc coating in such conditions would not last more than 3 weeks. Another option would be using flanges made of stainless steel, but this solution - while straightforward - is costly, thus uneconomic.

In this situation, technical specialists in Kronstadt managed to find another solution, which is protecting the flanges with two-component polyurethane priming enamel. This enamel is resistant to acids, alkali, salts, and other corrosive media, while also moisture- and weather-proof.

Actually, this solution of protecting metal parts had been successfully tested earlier, in 2019, on some equipment also supplied by Kronstadt.

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