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Marine pumps by DESMI supplied to ferry «Stanislav Agapov»

Kronstadt company has delivered a batch of marine pumps produced by DESMI for fitting of shipboard systems at a mixed ferry project 03770 (Stanislav Agapov), which is now under construction. The equipment will be operated in the fuel, fire-fighting, ballast and wastewater systems of the ferry.


Henkel Rus receives DESMI ROTAN gear pumps from Kronstadt

In June 2020, Kronstadt Ltd. delivered another batch of CD-series DESMI ROTAN gear pumps to Henkel Rus company. The stainless steel pumps are designed for active operation in Henkel's continuous manufacturing process to pump chemicals that are part of the company's famous cosmetics and home care products.


Large batch of marine pumps sent to Severnaya shipyard

Kronstadt specialists keep supplying trawlers project 170701 with high-quality shipboard equipment.


Bilge water separators sent to Nizhniy Novgorod

The equipment for separation of oily waters has been supplied to a sea tanker project at one of the shipyards in Nizhniy Novgorod.


Even remotely let us stand together!

As many other companies today, Kronstadt is consolidating all its operating reserves to react to the quickly changing situation in a timely manner. For the period of forced isolation, our staff will have all necessary means to continue their work remotely, interact with their business partners, monitor and fully control the supply processes, and carry out due transactions.


Running trial of atomic icebreaker project 22220 completed successfully

According to the Baltic shipyard media service, a schedule for testing backup diesel performance of the icebreaker was fully completed during the trial.

ceo, kronstadt, company

Andrey Zarafyants has been appointed to the position of the General Director (CEO) of Kronstadt company

Mr. Zarafyants has large experience of working at top management positions in different industrial companies, including international ones.


40 sets of berth fenders sent to Novorossiysk

The equipment by Yantai Taihong has been supplied to the Novorossiysk port by our company's specialists.


Kronstadt Ltd. and shipyard Lotos keep working on project PV300VD

Kronstadt specialists have equipped a cruise passenger ship project PV300VD, built at the Lotos shipyard, with boats and boat lifting cranes.


Kronstadt supplies searchlights by Luminell to Nizhny Novgorod SDPP

Specialists of Kronstadt company have carried out a supply of latest rotating searchlights by Luminell to the State District Power Plant (SDPP) in Nizhny Novgorod.

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