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The department of technical fluids and lubricants was opened and the manufacturing of such products under the KRONDE brand was introduced.

Kronstadt company together with Techni S.A. (Greece) obtained the IMO MEPC.227 (64) certificate of compliance for Biocon equipment series, which will come into validity beginning on January 1st, 2016.

During October and November, Kronstadt had several meetings with delegations of its main partners: DESMI (Denmark) and MAAG Pump (Switzerland). Apart from typical coordination questions discussed, the partners presented some new equipment series of their manufacturing program, which helped to diversify the Kronstadt supply offer.

In the end of August, the company once again confirmed its quality management system to comply with ISO 9001:2008.

In August
, Kronstadt company delegation went on a business trip to the Thermal Power Station (condensing type) of Nizhnyaya Tura (Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia). The purpose of this visit was the installation supervision of a large batch of expansion joints. Both power station representatives and our specialists were satisfied with the results of the trip. 

In May
, the company’s specialists completed training of working with Hamilton Jet equipment to be able to provide proper maintenance service in Russia. 

In spring
, Kronstadt company initiated a new business direction connected with import substitution.

In April
, Kronstadt, together with its partner, Pentair Water corp. successfully trained the operation personnel of several Russian oil pumping stations to work with fire pumps of Aurora Pump series. 

Kronstadt organized and proudly held 
the 1st International conference “Modern equipment and technologies for shipbuilding and docks”. The event took place on March 25th-26th in Saint Petersburg and brought together more than 200 participants. The conference was about marine and port equipment, shipbuilding and shiprepairing technologies. All the delegators and spokesmen found the conference productive and useful. 

Kronstadt company took part in the following events:

  • 8th International exhibition of boats and yachts “Moscow Boat Show” (Moscow) – March 10-15.
  • 7th Russian National Conference “Modernization of Power Industry-2015” (Moscow) – June 9-10.
  • 31st World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries (Frankfurt, Germany).
  • International Maritime Defense Show «IMDS-2015» -- July 1-5. 
  • In September, delegation of Kron-Well – Kronstadt’s representative office in China – took part in two important international exhibitions: 1) China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition; 2) Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition.
  • International conference "Advanced port fleet- the basis of safety" – September 21st.
  • XIII International exhibition "NEVA-2015" – September 22-25. International conference "Advanced port fleet- the basis of safety" – in October. The delegation of our company participated in this event’s program. The specialists of our marine department were satisfied with the conference organization and its results.
  • XIX International exhibition Means of state security provision “INTERPOLITEX-2015” – October 20-23.

In February, Kronstadt company officially launched a new business: export of industrial equipment manufactured in Russia.

Kronstadt in cooperation with its business partner, TECHNI S.A. (Greece), obtained the RMRS type approval certificate for BIOCON black- and greywater treatment systems.

The company took a number of business trips:

  • Jan. 20-23 – to the factory of Faudi in Germany. The purpose was for Kronstadt to take part in factory acceptance tests of a duplex filtering system.
  • Jan. 26-28 – to the factory of Maag Pump Systems AG (Switzerland, Zurich). The main goals were to exchange some reports, to train our specialists, and to develop a strategy to promote equipment by Maag Pump Systems AG in Russia.
  • In June, the head of Industrial Equipment Export department undertook a number of business trips to Hungary, Poland, and Serbia.
  • In August, the head of Expansion Joints and Compensation Equipment department visited Ayvaz factory in Istanbul (Turkey).  The purpose of this visit was to do acceptance tests and inspections of a large batch of bellow expansion joints by this manufacturer.
  • In October, a delegation from Kronstadt company took a business trip to Melcal factory in the city of Alcamo (Italy). The visit had been planned in order to go through acceptance procedures of the shipboard cranes by this manufacturer for their further supply to a large shipbuilding yard in Russia.
  • In October, the CEO of Kronstadt, Ivan Beloturov, and the head of Expansion Joints and Compensation Equipment department took a business trip to Ayvaz factory in Turkey. Our representatives, together with Ayvaz specialists, discussed topical issues concerning common projects, as well as prospects for cooperation, and optimizations of supply process.

·         In October, a delegation of Kronstadt took a business trip to Diko Marine factory in Turkey. The purpose of this visit was for our Marine department specialists to do inspection of the Diko Marine factory. The results of the inspection demonstrated high quality of the production by this manufacturer.

  • In November, delegations of Kronstadt and JSC Mosenergo, one of our customers, visited Ayvaz factory in Turkey in order to technically audit the production premises. The parties credited the premises, highly appreciating the equipment produced by this manufacturer.
  • On Dec. 14-17, the specialists of Pumping Equipment department had a business trip to the South Balyk gas refinery, where they carried out installation supervision and commissioning works with the pumping equipment by Aurora Pump (USA).

In 2015, Kronstadt Ltd. continued to support its social responsibility projects. As the result of special committee meetings in St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (technical university) and in State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU), new studentship holders were chosen who will receive financial assistance during semester. It is the company’s belief that in the future, this support program will bring new skillful workforce in the sphere of technology, marine and port industries.

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