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Representative offices

Kronstadt has offices in Germany (Kron-CIS), the USA (Kron Energy) and China (Kron-Well). These overseas offices directly contact European, American and Asian manufacturers and that guarantees the best completeness of the equipment supplied. The dealership network ensures prompt delivery to every spot of Russia or CIS. 

Kron-CIS (Hamburg, Germany) 
Kronstadt’s European representative office, Kron-CIS, has been operating since 1994. 
Its duties are communications with foreign partners and establishing new partnerships with leading producers of marine and industrial equipment. 

Kron Energy (Houston, USA) 
Our American office investigates into latest technologies in oil-and-gas and industry areas and searches for innovations in these branches to be introduced at Russian and CIS enterprises. 
Kron-Well (Shanghai, China) 
Our newest branch office opened in 2014 in Shanghai, the biggest city in China for the purpose of maintaining close contact with all major manufacturers and suppliers of maritime equipment on the Chinese market.

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