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Ships and port equipment

Shipbuilding and ship repairing is one of the main industries of our company's specialization. Since 1998, we have been working in this sphere. During this time, we have accumulated great knowledge and experience in this particular sphere. We have worked on extremely difficult projects, both from technical and logistics points of view. Close cooperation with many oil and gas refining plants and shipbuilding factories is our key to successful supplies of equipment and spare parts. The portfolio of brands we work with is formed with the help of specialists in our foreign offices: Kron-CIS (Hamburg, Germany), Kron Energy (Houston, USA), and Kron-Well (Shanghai, China). These representative offices work directly with European, Asian, and American manufacturers, and that guarantees the best completeness of the equipment supplied.

Equipment for shipbuilding and ship repair:
• Water jets
• Grounding gears, landing aprons, towing winches
• Main reducing gears, adjustable pitch propellers
• Marine diesel generators and engines
• Ship ladders and staircases
• Shipboard and offshore cranes
• Pod drives, maneuvering devices
• Bilge water separators
• Pumping equipment, motor pulsers
• Ballast water treatment systems
• Marine compressor equipment
• Sewage water treatment systems
• Ship doors, lids, handholes, floorboards
• Marine fittings and accessories
• Hull fenders
• Ship searchlights
• Rescue boats, davits
• Ship waste handling systems
• Water preparation equipment
• Equipment for cabins and much more.

Equipment for ports and docks:
• Container-type diesel firehouses
• Pneumatic fenders
• Portside fenders
• Quick-release hooks
• Portal cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes
• Telescopic ladder towers for mooring tanker ships
• Mobile telescopic bridges
• Loading arms
• Oil spill response
• Conveyor belt for any type of cargo; buckets, strainers and much more.

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