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Aquaculture equipment

Kronstadt Ltd. carries out selection and supplies of high quality equipment for fishery and primary processing of the fish, as well as for its transportation in cooled state. There are two types of business in fishing industry: fishing itself and fish processing. However, today's standards require the two be united into one continuous technological process, with minimal time between fishing and primary processing.

The Kronstadt Ltd. supply program for the aquaculture equipment includes the following types:
- Recirculating aquaculture systems.
- Refrigerating equipment.
- Fish processing equipment.

Kronstadt Ltd., together with its Danish partner, Billund Aquakultur Service ApS, develops systems for fish farming and equipping the farms. Aquaculture project solutions are individual for every Customer.

Kronstadt Ltd. offers marine refrigerating equipment manufactured by Highland Refrigeration (USA) and high-tech fish processing equipment made by SOMF (USA) for direct installation on fishing vessels or on shore and for completing the process: from accepting raw fish to serving out ready, packed, weighed, marked, and accounted fish products. The fish processing equipment is a system of mechanical tools and machines.

The fish processing is divided into primary and advanced processing. The primary processing begins when the fish is retrieved from water and continues with its transportation, separate or in form of cooled blocks, to a storage house. The primary processing also includes acceptance of freshly caught fish (which can be stored cooled for a few hours or days), sorting the fish, head separation, gutting (for some species, it includes removal of liver, caviar, milts for further processing), as well as cleaning, weighing, pre-packing, freezing, and final packing. The advanced fish processing is designed for making uncooked or intermediate fish products.

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