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The department of technical fluids and lubricants was opened and the manufacturing of such products under the KRONDE brand was introduced.

Kronstadt company together with Techni S.A. (Greece) obtained the IMO MEPC.227 (64) certificate of compliance for Biocon equipment series, which will come into validity beginning on January 1st, 2016.

During October and November, Kronstadt had several meetings with delegations of its main partners: DESMI (Denmark) and MAAG Pump (Switzerland). Apart from typical coordination questions discussed, the partners presented some new equipment series of their manufacturing program, which helped to diversify the Kronstadt supply offer.

In the end of August, the company once again confirmed its quality management system to comply with ISO 9001:2008.

In August
, Kronstadt company delegation went on a business trip to the Thermal Power Station (condensing type) of Nizhnyaya Tura (Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia). The purpose of this visit was the installation supervision of a large batch of expansion joints. Both power station representatives and our specialists were satisfied with the results of the trip.

In May
, the company’s specialists completed training of working with Hamilton Jet equipment to be able to provide proper maintenance service in Russia.

In spring
, Kronstadt company initiated a new business direction connected with import substitution.

In April
, Kronstadt, together with its partner, Pentair Water corp. successfully trained the operation personnel of several Russian oil pumping stations to work with fire pumps of Aurora Pump series. 

Kronstadt organized and proudly held
the 1st International conference “Modern equipment and technologies for shipbuilding and docks”. The event took place on March 25th-26th in Saint Petersburg and brought together more than 200 participants. The conference was about marine and port equipment, shipbuilding and shiprepairing technologies. All the delegators and spokesmen found the conference productive and useful.

Kronstadt company took part in the following events:

  • 8th International exhibition of boats and yachts “Moscow Boat Show” (Moscow) – March 10-15.
  • 7th Russian National Conference “Modernization of Power Industry-2015” (Moscow) – June 9-10.
  • 31st World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries (Frankfurt, Germany).
  • International Maritime Defense Show «IMDS-2015» -- July 1-5. 
  • In September, delegation of Kron-Well – Kronstadt’s representative office in China – took part in two important international exhibitions: 1) China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition; 2) Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition.
  • International conference "Advanced port fleet- the basis of safety" – September 21st.
  • XIII International exhibition "NEVA-2015" – September 22-25. International conference "Advanced port fleet- the basis of safety" – in October. The delegation of our company participated in this event’s program. The specialists of our marine department were satisfied with the conference organization and its results.
  • XIX International exhibition Means of state security provision “INTERPOLITEX-2015” – October 20-23.

In February, Kronstadt company officially launched a new business: export of industrial equipment manufactured in Russia.

Kronstadt in cooperation with its business partner, TECHNI S.A. (Greece), obtained the RMRS type approval certificate for BIOCON black- and greywater treatment systems.

The company took a number of business trips:

  • Jan. 20-23 – to the factory of Faudi in Germany. The purpose was for Kronstadt to take part in factory acceptance tests of a duplex filtering system.
  • Jan. 26-28 – to the factory of Maag Pump Systems AG (Switzerland, Zurich). The main goals were to exchange some reports, to train our specialists, and to develop a strategy to promote equipment by Maag Pump Systems AG in Russia.
  • In June, the head of Industrial Equipment Export department undertook a number of business trips to Hungary, Poland, and Serbia.
  • In August, the head of Expansion Joints and Compensation Equipment department visited Ayvaz factory in Istanbul (Turkey).  The purpose of this visit was to do acceptance tests and inspections of a large batch of bellow expansion joints by this manufacturer.
  • In October, a delegation from Kronstadt company took a business trip to Melcal factory in the city of Alcamo (Italy). The visit had been planned in order to go through acceptance procedures of the shipboard cranes by this manufacturer for their further supply to a large shipbuilding yard in Russia.
  • In October, the CEO of Kronstadt, Ivan Beloturov, and the head of Expansion Joints and Compensation Equipment department took a business trip to Ayvaz factory in Turkey. Our representatives, together with Ayvaz specialists, discussed topical issues concerning common projects, as well as prospects for cooperation, and optimizations of supply process.

·         In October, a delegation of Kronstadt took a business trip to Diko Marine factory in Turkey. The purpose of this visit was for our Marine department specialists to do inspection of the Diko Marine factory. The results of the inspection demonstrated high quality of the production by this manufacturer.

  • In November, delegations of Kronstadt and JSC Mosenergo, one of our customers, visited Ayvaz factory in Turkey in order to technically audit the production premises. The parties credited the premises, highly appreciating the equipment produced by this manufacturer.
  • On Dec. 14-17, the specialists of Pumping Equipment department had a business trip to the South Balyk gas refinery, where they carried out installation supervision and commissioning works with the pumping equipment by Aurora Pump (USA).

In 2015, Kronstadt Ltd. continued to support its social responsibility projects. As the result of special committee meetings in St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (technical university) and in State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU), new studentship holders were chosen who will receive financial assistance during semester. It is the company’s belief that in the future, this support program will bring new skillful workforce in the sphere of technology, marine and port industries.

Kronstadt signed a number of dealership contracts with large manufacturers:

  • Ensar Gemi – Turkish manufacturer of equipment for ship cabins.
  • RSP – Chinese manufacturer of screw-type pumps.
  • MAVI DENIZ – a Turkish company, which main field of activity is OSR operations, equipment for OSR, and construction of vessels for OSR.
  • H.A.T. – FLEX – Chinese manufacturer of flexible plastic pipes with more than 30 years of experience in this area.
  • Panasia – one of the world leaders in making ballast water treatment systems, as well as different types of shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas platforms, and environment protection equipment.
  • Scam Marine – Croatian company, leader in production and export of ship engines, marine generators of high quality and reasonable prices.

The company participated in several Russian and foreign shows:

  • XVIII International exhibition Means of state security provision “INTERPOLITEX-2014” (Moscow) – Oct. 21-24.
  • XII International transport exhibition/conference "Transtec 2014" (Saint Petersburd) – Oct. 1-3.
  • International exhibition KIOGE 2014 (Almaty, Kazakhstan) – Sep. 30th – Oct. 3rd.
  • Shipbuilding, Mechanical Equipment, and Sea Technologies international exhibition, SMM 2014 (Hamburg) – Sep. 9-12.
  • Aquaculture Development Issues conference (Murmansk) – May 19-21.
  • 10th ST. PETERSBURG TECHNICAL FAIR – March 12-14.
  • 7th International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show – March 11-16.

In September, Kronstadt together with its Chinese business partner Yantai Taihong obtained RMRS Type Approval Certificate.

In September, the company once again confirmed its quality management system to comply with ISO 9001:2008.

In August, a new representative office of Kronstadt Ltd. was opened in China (Shanghai). The new office got the name ‘KRON-Well’. This office monitors Asian manufacturers of equipment, controls quality of production process on-site, and establishes dealerships to introduce Asian equipment to the Russian market.

Apart from that, Kronstadt’s social responsibility projects continued their development. In early 2014, the Personal Studentship Act was signed, and then there were contest committee sessions which chose studentship holders from St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (technical university) and State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU). Currently, such sessions are held every semester.

In 2013, our company signed several dealership contracts with a number of well-known manufacturers:

  • Yantai Taihong Rubber Co (China) – a manufacturer of mooring fender systems.
  • ММЕ & Tyne Gangway (Netherlands, Great Britain) – a manufacturer of aluminum gangways, boarding ladders, and other types of equipment to make ships accessible for crew members and passengers.
  • MICROPLASMA (Romania) – manufactures fireproof, fire-prevention, water-tight vessel doors, marine hatches, etc.
  • Hydro Armor (France) – has been making azimuth thrusters for more than 40 years. 
  • ColorLight (Sweden) – a manufacturer of UV and halogen marine searchlights.
  • BIOCON (Greece) – a manufacturer of maritime waste water treatment systems.
  • Fluidmecanica S.A. (Spain) – specializes in making hydraulic servo-assisted steering, anchor windlasses, hydraulic cranes, capstans, fishing winches, oceanographic equipment and hydraulic systems.
  • Lanemark International (Great Britain) – one of the leaders in manufacturing of heaters for petrochemical, oil refining, and allied industries.
  • GEA Process Engineering (Germany) – a part of GEA Group, comprising many equipment suppliers, technologies and know-hows.

Kronstadt Ltd. participated in the following Russian and foreign exhibitions:

  • 3rd International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for sheet metal working BLECH Russia (March 12-14).
  • VI International exhibition of boats and yachts "Moscow Boat Show" (March 12-17).
  • International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2013, which took place in St. Petersburg on July 3 thru 7.
  • International conference on shipbuilding, maritime navigation, port activities, ocean and offshore development “NEVA-2013”. The exhibition took place in Saint Petersburg on Nov. 24 thru 27.

Among other important events for the company the special one was the opening of a new American representative office named KRON Energy LLC in Houston, Texas. The new office monitors the progress of innovative technologies on the American market of industrial equipment and makes contracts with manufacturing companies. Kron Energy LLC is a member of American-Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ARCCI) and works with U.S. Commercial Service.

Year 2013 was really special in view of company’s social activities.
Once again in summer, the internship program “B2B Summer” was organized for young specialists in the field of PR.

Also, a new social responsibility aspect was introduced. In the end of 2013, Kronstadt developed a project to financially support the brightest students in some universities of St. Petersburg. In the end of November, Kronstadt Personal Studentship Act was signed in State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg. According to this Act, the students of this university who successfully pass shortlisting will be paid monthly studentship during semester by Kronstadt Ltd.

Signing of dealership contracts with some global producers:

  • Faudi (Germany) – manufacturer of filters and separators;
  • IMAC (Italy) – equipment for metalworking;
  • Varisco (Italy) – produces pumps for difficult applications;
  • JFK Kuebler (Germany) – manufactures filter presses.

Kronstadt participated in following exhibitions in Russia and abroad:

  • 15th international trade fair for plastics and rubber INTERPLASTICA 2012 (Moscow);
  • V international exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show;
  • 11th international exhibition of modern technologies, equipment, materials and protection devices for mechanical engineering, metal working and welding 'Machines. Devices. Tools 2012' (Perm);
  • 13th international trade show "Metalloobrabotka 2012" (Moscow);
  • 20th anniversary international exhibition "GAS. OIL. TECHNOLOGIES-2012" (Moscow);
  • 43th International oil-and-gas exhibition and offshore technology conference OTC 2012 (Houston, USA).


  • Apart from exhibitions, Kronstadt took part in the 24th Master Class in Valves (St. Petersburg). A technical expert of Kronstadt gave a report 'Bellows expansion joints'.
  • Kronstadt was a co-organizer of a working seminar 'Applications of rubber expansion joints in power engineering' (St. Petersburg).

The year 2012 became a very eventful year for the company as regards its social activity.
2012 is a year of particular importance for Russia, because it is the 200th anniversary of the victory of Russian army in the Patriotic War of 1812. Kronstadt Ltd didn't stand aside and took part in a military-patriotic project Pipes of Victory, the presentation of which was held on the 5th of April in the Malta Chapel, St. Petersburg.

Kronstadt's representative office was set up in Miami (Florida).
Establishment of an office in the USA takes our cooperation with prominent American manufacturers of industrial equipment to a new level. The main scope of activities of our American office – Kron Industrial LLC - is search and conclusion of direct contracts with manufacturers to ensure the best terms of delivery of American high-technology equipment for our customers from various industry branches and timely meet the current needs of the Russian industrial equipment market.

Distributorship agreements with a number of world-renowned companies were signed:

  • Atlas Copco (Sweden) – makes screw and piston compressors;
  • Dener Makina (Turkey) - CNC sheet bending press brakes and guillotine shears;
  • Vibrochimica srl (Italy) – producer of vibratory machines and consumables;
  • Gecam (Italy) – manufacturer of grinding and polishing machines for working oval and circular tubes, including bent tubes;
  • Scotchman (USA) – manufactures hydraulic shears and heavy-duty guillotine shears;
  • Comac (Italy) –machines for bending;
  • Aysanmak (Turkey) – produces main groups of machines for thin plate;
  • Beka-Mak (Turkey) – producer of two metal cutting processes – hack- and band saws;
  • Bend Mak (Turkey) – manufactures different types of rolling and sheet bending machines;
  • Mekanord (Denmark) – supplier of marine reduction gearboxes, Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) systems;
  • Caffini (Italy) – diaphragm and centrifugal pumps;
  • Desmi Ocean Guard – a division of Desmi A/S (Denmark), specialized in ballast water treatment systems;
  • Rovatti Pompe (Italy) – environmental friendly high performance centrifugal pumps;
  • Affetti (Italy) – chemical pumps for corrosive liquids;
  • Сummins, Caterpillar, Perkins, MTU (spare parts) – suppliers of engines, alternators and other equipment;
  • Minimax (Germany) – manufacturer of gaseous and water-based fire protection equipment.

Group of companies KRONDE was founded, and Kronstadt Ltd became its part. The holding also comprises other industrial companies, service centers, a logistics company and enterprises specialized in investment, development and real estate business.

A line of metal working equipment sales and service was launched. It was successfully presented at the international sheet metal working technology exhibition Blech Russia 2011 (St. Petersburg). Kronstadt presented its metal-working machinery department at the trade show 'Metalloobrabotka 2011' (Moscow), - the largest exhibition for machine building in Russia and CIS area.


  • 14th international trade fair for plastics and rubber INTERPLASTICA 2011 (Moscow);
  • 10th international exhibition of shipbuilding, shipping, port activities and jcean and offshore development NEVA 2011 (St. Petersburg);
  • 16th international exhibition for the chemical industry and science KHIMIA 2011 (Moscow);
  • 11th International specialized exhibition for welding materials, equipment and technologies "Weldex / Rossrka - 2011" (Moscow);
  • 10th International Specialized Exhibition 'Industrial Show 2011" (Samara);
  • 13th International exhibition for technologies and equipment for the oil, gas and chemical industries 'Oil. Gas. Chemistry 2011' (Perm);
  • 10th Anniversary Exhibition "PCVExpo2011/Pumps. Compressors. Valves. Actuators and Engines" (Moscow).

Conferences and seminars:

  • The 3rd research and practice conference 'Bellows expansion joints as a basic element of pipeline protection' was organized by Kronstadt in Irkutsk;
  • A delegation of Kronstadt took part in the following seminars:
  • DESMI Industry Sales Seminar 2011, where results of cooperation were summarized and its prospects were reviewed;
  • 21th master class in valves 'Valves for thermal and nuclear power engineering' (St. Petersburg);
  • Seminar in fire protection equipment of Pentair Water, focused on firefighting systems and issues of fire safety as well as on specifications, mounting and application of pumps of Aurora Pump (North Aurora, Illinois).

Kronstadt took part in the exhibitions below listed:

  • 13th international trade fair for plastics and rubber INTERPLASTICA 2010 (Moscow);
  • International infrastructure development exhibition - South of Russia - IDES 2010 (Krasnodar);
  • nternational Forum 'PCVExpo 2010'.


  • A scientific-technical seminar 'Peculiarities of use of gear pumps in industry' was arranged by Kronstadt.

Distributorship agreements were signed with world-known companies:

  • Valvitalia (Italy) – a global producer of valves, pipe fittings, actuators and systems for regulating, filtering and measuring fluids and gases;
  • SAER (Italy) – a leading producer of centrifugal pumps for integrated solutions in water supply, heating, drainage and firefighting;
  • REVAC (Germany) – designer and manufacturer of valves, well-known at the global market;
  • FMT (Sweden) – manufactures mobile telescopic passenger bridges for airports and sea ports, which are well-reputed because of their reliability and wide use of latest technologies;
  • LHE Co (Korea) – produces heat exchangers for different media in a wide performance range;
  • IVG (Italy) – makes medium- and low-pressure hoses of rubber;
  • KITO (Japan) – the largest Japanese producer of lifting equipment;
  • MELCAL SRL (Italy) –a large Italian company engaged in design and manufacture of cranes for different types of vessels and offshore facilities;
  • SEIM (Italy) – a world leader in producing screw pumps;
  • TRIPOMET (Romania) – produces deck equipment;
  • DESMI (Denmark) – marine pumps and pumping solutions;
  • ColorLight AB (Sweden) – an acknowledged leader as concerns high-technology and innovative systems of vessel lighting;
  • JKF Kübler (Germany) – manufacturer of filter presses and filtering systems for liquid separation in different media.

Kronstadt starts developing a new business line consisting in supply of imported chemicals.

As a part of a charitable program, Kronstadt gave gratuitous help to the Anisimov orphanage.


  • A report at the 3rd International conference PYLEGAZOOCHISTKA-2010 (Moscow);
  • The conferences 'Improvement of functional reliability of pumps and compressors in oil refinery and petrochemical facilities' and 'Reconstruction of power engineering – 2010';
  • Technical seminars at chemical enterprises of Belarus.

Kronstadt introduces the Trading House 'Italian Industry' (the trading house promotes the best Italian producers of industrial equipment) and the Trading House 'Global Pumps' offering the whole spectrum of pumps to modernize or update production facilities in different industry branches, into the Russian market .

Distributorship agreements with the following companies were signed:

  • Aurora Pump (USA) – a leading world producer and designer of a wide range of centrifugal pumps and systems for different applications;
  • Maag Pump (Switzerland) – high pressure gear pumps for chemical and pharmaceutical applications, where increased operational safety, accuracy and reliability is required;
  • Pompe Cucchi (Italy) – for over 40 years this company has been producing gear, diaphragm and piston metering pumps for chemistry, pharmaceutics, food production and other industries;
  • Iron Pump (Denmark) – this company is one of the leaders in manufacture of centrifugal and piston pumps for marine industry in Europe. Besides, the company makes pumps for power plants, district heating, water-supply networks, irrigation and treatment works;
  • VN - Pumpen (Germany) – manufacturer of fire extinguishing pumps with every type of drives;
  • Asteknik Valve (Turkey) is a full member of the Turkish Association of Valve Producers, it was founded in 1976. It is one of major producers of butterfly valves, check valves, dismantling joints, knife gate valves and elastomer gaskets.

Kronstadt Ltd takes part in a large number of conferences and seminars on different topics, targeted at various sectors of industry all over Russia. Every time our technical specialists make reports, presentations or statements.
Here we may mention organization of the 2nd International research and practice conference 'Bellows expansion joints as a basic element of pipeline protection' in St. Petersburg.

Kronstadt participated with exposition and program in 4 important international exhibitions organized in Russia:

  • The international Forum "PCVEXPO 2009" (Moscow)
  • The exhibition "NEVA 2009" (St. Petersburg)
  • The international exhibition 'KHIMIA 2009' (Moscow)
  • 7th international exhibition 'Fire Safety of the XXI Century' (Moscow)

Conferences and seminars:

  • Research and practice seminar 'Fenders as an essential element for safe operation of hydraulic structures';
  • 1st International research and practice conference 'Application of expansion joints in different industries' (St. Petersburg);
  • Travelling seminar 'Application of expansion joints in different industries' (Ufa);
  • Report and exposition at the meeting of master mechanics of oil refining and petrochemical plants of Russia and CIS countries (Kirishi, Russia);
  • Report at a round-table conference 'Construction and modernization of NPPs' (Moscow);
  • Participation in the 1st All-Russian Forum 'Current state and prospects of the Russian bunkering market' (St. Petersburg);
  • 16th Kazakhstan International Exhibition 'Oil and Gaz/KiOGE 2008' (Kazakhstan);
  • 6th international specialized exhibition 'Fire safety of the XXI-st century' / Complex systems of safety (Moscow);
  • International Forum 'PCVEXPO 2008' (Moscow).

Kronstadt Ltd obtained the license of Federal Agency of ecological, technological and nuclear supervision.

Kronstadt Ltd took part in the ceremony of rewarding of participants of a rating «Gazelle Business 2008» and won the honourable award "Grown in Gazelle" (the company turn exceeds 300 million roubles a year – a limiting lath for participants of the rating of "Top-100").

Signing of distributorship agreements with some world known companies:

  • Exclusive agreement on distribution of jet-propellers manufactured by HamiltonJet (New Zealand) was signed. HamiltonJet is the recognized technological leader in propulsion systems, the legislator of many innovations in jet-propeller design.
  • Ditec Dichtungstechnik GmbH (Germany). According to the agreement, Kronstadt Ltd becomes Ditec's exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS. Company Ditec is specialized in the production of rubber and rubber-cord expansion joints which are used in heat power and nuclear industry.

Distributorship agreements with the following global companies were signed:

  • Sundyne and Sunflo (France, USA) – manufacture of centrifugal pumps and compressors for oil and gas processing, petrochemical, chemical, pulp-and-paper, power and food industry;
  • "GEMU Gebr. Mueller Apparatebau GmbH and Co. KG" (Germany) – production of valves;
  • Belman Production (Denmark) – a leading Danish producer of bellows expansion joints. Kronstadt became its representative in Russia and CIS.
  • Kronstadt Ltd was appointed representative of Sterling SIHI GmbH in Russia. Sterling SIHI GmbH is a manufacturer of single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, side channel pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors.

Distributorship agreements with the following companies were signed:

  • "Kronstadt" signs an exclusive dealer agreement with the German company BRAND DEUTSCHLAND GmbH - a manufacturer of genuine spare parts for SKL engines.
  • Besides, the Danish concern MAN B&W prepared an open letter for the Russian ship-owners maintaining MAN engines where it recommended Kronstadt Ltd as a reliable supplier of genuine spare parts complete with all necessary documents and certificates.
  • Kronstadt signed a contract with the company PREXIM DIESEL, directed on promotion of production of known Czech manufacturers of diesel engines and diesel generators of the brands SKODA and CKD to the Russian market.
  • Kronstadt Ltd signed an agreement with the company EBRO ARMATUREN which is the world's recognized manufacturer of more than 19000 items of qualitative shut-off and control valves. Ebro products are especially in demand for works where high reliability and durability of valves is required under extreme service conditions.
  • Kronstadt was appointed the representative of Wernert-Pumpen GmbH (Germany) in Russia. The German company Wernert-Pumpen GmbH makes multi-purpose pumps and pumps with magnetic coupling.

Kronstadt Ltd takes part in large-scale projects for tugboat building in St. Petersburg and becomes the exclusive representative of the Finnish concern Sisu Diesel (diesel engines, diesel generators, diesel pump sets) and of the Danish company ROTAN DESMI, a part of the Denmark's largest concern Desmi AS, widely known due to production and supply of pumps.

Kronstadt Ltd expands its activity range, starting a number of projects in mining, processing and metallurgical industry.

Distributorship agreements with the following companies were signed:

  • EPLEY (USA) – Kronstadt Ltd becomes exclusive representative of the English company Weldgrip specialized in manufacture of equipment for mining industry (GOPHER roof-bolters, drills, drill bits, grout pumps, reinforcing mesh) in the territory of Russia and becomes a certified partner of the following manufacturers:
  • EPLEY (USA) - downhole hammers, perforators, drill bits and reaming bits, drill lubricants;
  • GEORYT (Poland) - hydraulic distributors, hydraulic valves, mesh filters, hydraulic hoses.

Kronstadt Ltd signed exclusive agreements with some well-known companies:

  • Ganz Danubius Company (Hungary) – manufacture of portal, container, ship-building and floating cranes. Kronstadt became its representative in the territory of Russia. At that moment a business line of delivery of equipment for ports and terminals launched.

Within the limits of this line another three exclusive agreements with European and American companies were signed:

  • Baru Services B.V. (Holland) - manufactures pneumatic fenders by Kum Nam, South Korea);
  • Amnitec (Senior Flexonics) (Canada) - manufacturer of industrial hoses and connections;
  • Hamek Winchtech - manufacturer and supplier of round- trip equipment for marine and industrial use.

Kronstadt Ltd appeared in the market of ship equipment supply. The first integrated supplies of the equipment for vessels being built in St.-Petersburg were organized. Projects of re-equipment and modernization of vessels were successfully implemented. The specialists of the company visited several largest shipyards, sea and river ports of Russia in order to understand needs of the industry regarding new equipment.

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