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Creeds and advantages

 Our views: 
• We strongly believe that only high-quality equipment can guarantee long-term operation while minimizing maintenance costs.
• Our clients must be able to choose from a wide range of equipment to meet all their most demanding requirements.
• Continuous development of our company is to offer its customers up-to-date and high-quality equipment.
• We think our staff must receive worthy remuneration for their work and stay secure about their social guarantees.
• Our strong belief is that our suppliers are the essential part of the business, and as long as they trust us, they deserve equitable remuneration.

Our advantages: 
- Own representative office KRON-CIS in Germany (Hamburg) allows us to elaborate both functional and moderately priced business offers for our customers.
- Own representative office Kron Energy in the USA (Houston) makes direct contracts with American manufacturers.
- Own representative office Kron-Well in China (Shanghai) monitors Asian manufacturers, controls quality of production process on-site, and offers our Russian customers affordably priced equipment.
- Certain exclusive rights in supplying equipment to Russia and CIS, which proves our company’s reliability and trustful relationship with our partners.
- The team of skilled professionals in fields of sales, marketing, engineering consulting and service allows to carry out the orders “ready-made”.
- We always built practical and long-term connections with clients, partners, design and installation contractors.
- With our vast experience in equipment supply to Russia and CIS we consider ourselves as logistics professionals.

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